My Services

Software Development

More than just writing code, I help you get your product off the ground, analyzing your business needs, suggesting what features it requires, how to get the UX right, and helping you from planning your product and all the way to launching it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Let's talk!

IT Consultation

Looking for a dedicated IT consultant to advise you on how to build or further develop your product, whether web, mobile or desktop applications, client-facing or for internal operational use? I can give you all the support you need throughout the process of planning, creating and managing your software solution.

Guest Blogging

I have been blogging about the new technologies, digital transformation, software architecture, and other technical topics. If you would like to enrich your blog with thoroughly-researched and professionally-crafted articles, then first check my blog posts and then hire me for your next piece of writing!

IT Training

An MCT trainer with a passion for teaching combined with a deep knowledge of cloud architectures and virtualization technologies. I can build and deliver technical training programs and courseware utilizing my exceptional ability to simplify and communicate highly technical concepts to drive positive learning outcomes.

1-on-1 Personalized Coaching

Coaching program guides you through a customised, proven process, with an expert coach to get started with your technical journey. I support you & keep you accountable for achieving your goals. Send me a mail with your objectives & needs or through contact us page.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has a way of changing not just technology, but the entire way we do business which result in lower expenses more profitable business. I will stand with you from the first step of your digital transformation cycle until achieving all your goals. Let’s have a call & see how we can take it forward.